Minimum wage

Legislation stipulating a minimum wage throughout Germany (MiLoG) comes into force at the beginning of the year. As a result, all companies operating in the whole of Germany are obliged to observe a minimum wage. This also applies to foreign enterprises operating in Germany, such as transport companies from our neighbouring countries in Eastern Europe. We shall be watching this development with great interest and are keen to see what consequences this will have for the European haulage market.


 A host of “new faces”

As the year begins, new tractor units in XXL are appearing on our operating sites almost every day. A programme over several years is bringing the Group’s fleet into line with the state of the art. To do this, XXL has concluded a cooperation agreement with Scania, which initially covers the supply of 80 new road tractor units. All new vehicles comply with the Euro 6 standard for exhaust emissions.

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One of the “new faces” filling up for the first time.

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