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For a number of years, we have successfully been integrating fleets and personnel into the XXL network. As a specialized external company, we are in fact often able to carry out many logistics assignments more effectively and almost always more flexibly than a large enterprise

So what can we do for you?

We can offer you services for logistics and production-related operations on a permanent and reliable basis.

Do you need assistance with operations, coordination and/or strategy? Today? Tomorrow? Permanently?
Would you like us quite simply to take over the transport of your products?

Simply contact us, we’ll be able to help you.

Installation services

Assembling or dismantling a production plant, including transport and loading, disposal and recycling.
Setting up a storage area close to the construction site? Rail transport and warehousing? Delivery as construction progresses? We’ll take care of it!


Taking over the finished goods warehouse on your company site? Or production disposal with your own or external equipment? We create proposals for taking over partial functions of your company and fill them with life. With our experienced workforce, we find pragmatic solutions even for difficult demands.

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